How to get the Instant of the Online Time

I wanted to get the instant of the online time as the local device time can easily be tricked.
How to get the online time of my area and then get its instant to compare with other time instants.

Have you tried clock?

The clock gives the local device time, not the time from the internet.

Perhaps a extension is there which might help you

I tried many extensions but, none worked for me. If you have an extension could you please provide me with it?

Check out this : [FREE] V2 Updated Secured Countdown Timer Extension Unhackable

Have you tried this one

This extension uses a API for getting time and sometimes it goes down.

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Hope the downtime is not much.

DateTools will always give you results.

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But you can’t get the time in your desired format with this extension. It will give you the time in dd:MM:yyyy:hh:mm:ss
It returns 24 hours time format so it will not give you the AM Or PM

That’s why I posted it here​:slightly_smiling_face:

@Passionate_Developers if you are going to use my countdown timer extension for just getting the time online then I will not recommend you to do so…
You can use web component for that it will be done in little code so please don’t use extension if it is easily possible with blocks.
For more look here,

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@Sumit1334 I was first thinking to use it just to use it to get the online time, but I liked many other features which can be used by me like comparing to times etc.
Thank You for this extension.

If you like the extension then like the extension’s topic​:grin:
It will feel me more confident that I helped someone…

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