How to get the total number of subproject buckets in firebase?

Is there any way I could get the total number of subproject buckets in a firebase project ?fgg
I’m able to get the number of buckets (tags) in ‘Level 1’ using ‘Get Tag List & length of list’ blocks.
But its not working for a sub bucket like ‘Questions’ :frowning:

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Seems like you didnt read my question well. Bro, I already mentioned that the above method is working for the main bucket, but not for sub buckets.

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set project bucket to A and than you can use for each element in Projectbucket A. or load project bucket a in a list and than use the lenght of list block.

I did add multiple firebase components… that too for each and every firebase component.ffff

Add the bucket name you want the subbucket list to the end of the firebase URL, then do your get.tags

firebaseURL = join: firebaseurl/Level1_A_DB