How to get thousand seperator for textbox

Can somebody hep me about how to set number on textbox from 1000 to 1.000 when both textbox is changing and has changed?

Use this:

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It transforms 1000 to 1 when I use the number in a calculation.

I didn’t get it. You want to convert any number putting a dot at each 3 characters when a number is bigger than 999 is typed?
Example: If user types 2358 it will automatically appear 2.358, if user type 23589 23589 it will appear 23.589?

Maybe this will help You

Yes exactly like you said.

in such case there is no valid in accordance with maths block… will 1000 be equal to 1.000?, you mean 1.000 or 1,000?

1.000 as a thousand

Have you read the topic above?

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So, Rogerio gave you the answer already.

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In fact, the answer already existed… :+1:
like thousands of answers that already exist… :slightly_smiling_face:
Just learn to do a search… :clap:

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I didn’t get the answer yet because I see the number as 1.000 but when I put textbox in a calculation it gives error because textutils make it a text not a number.

First do the calculations and then fromat text. Or multiply text with 1 and this will convert string to number in order to do the calculation





Just do it…:point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::roll_eyes:

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