How To Get Thumbnail from online Video Or Offline Video

Hey Koders I Want To Know How To Extract Thumbnail From Video While Uploading To Firebase or how To Get Thumbnail From Firebase Video Link?Is it Possible?

always search before posting, there are many posts on this topic before,
here is your solution,

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Already I Search This Topic But Pedroza Thumbnail Extension Is Not Working!

show your blocks, what you have tried and how you set blocks for that?

and also there are many other answers are on many posts, like,

here is the aia file and blocks imageadmin.aia (98.7 KB)

please check @ImranTariq :sweat_smile:

in uploadphoto block in path directly put the pedroza thumbnail block, it should work

i tried but not work

its working for me…r u making status video app

can u provide me aia or your block

i am using cloudinary for uploading videos and images

you are extracting from url or local file storage?iam confuse

local file storage…first i am making list of all videos in a particular folder in mobile storage

can i add video picker to get path for pedroza thumbnail extension?