How To Get Total Number of List From Specific Folder ( Internal Storage )

Hello Everyone , Good Afternoon

Is it possible to get how many items are there in specific folder ?

Eg ;

I have 4 Downloaded Items In this Folder ,

So I need to Get the How Many Total Items Are There In This Folder ?

Is It Possible In Kodular ??

I have Tried Many Ways to get Total Items but not getting any blocks , Also I have Read a Lot

of post in the community but couldn’t find any solution ?

I am Getting Result Something Like This :

Is There Any Way To Find Out Total Number Of List In Of Any Folder ?

Thanks In Adavnce :relaxed:


1 Millions Times Thanks :grin: :grin: :hugs:
Finally Solved :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:
It Was So Simple Why I Forget to Try This Method :grin:

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