How to go to same point were i was before deleting?

Lets say this is a list i have created using dynamic cardview, dynamic label and dynamic button so when i cick the button it deletes a dynamic cardview, dynamic label and dynamic button now after deleting it should get back to the exact location where it was deleted from or the last position…

as always, please share block so that we can help you easily.



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store id to any variable and then call delete cardview procedure
and in don’t use for each item loop just in procedure
first delete all labels and the delete button and the delete card.(you can say in reverse order of creating that layout).

and the we have to change id’s on successive dynamic component.(build logic for that its easy) …

how can i change ids?

it will be better to delete all the cards and the recreate them excluding that is deleted

Do you mean scroll to last position?
Also your blocks will not work because max record can be 1200.

thats whats i am doing… but i want to scroll to last position?

but why will it not work and why the maximum record can be 1200 only?

suppose there are 20 cards and you want to delete 11th card . just follow below logic.

get id of button and store it to variable.(suppose its 11)
then set label and other component data of 11th card from 12th element of list 
do above thing from 11 to (20-1) means you have to create loop.
and in the end you can delete last card

because its limit of airtable…

Logic build 2…

create a three variable deletedcard and initialize it to 0.And another deletingid initialize it to 0.and lastdeleted will be declared to 0.
now when any dynamic delete button clicks then

  • store id to deletingid
  • then check if last deleted = 0 then set it to deletingid
  • and call delete row in which row number will be if deletingid<lastdeleted then set to 0 else set to deletingid - deletedid.
  • And set visibility of dynamic card to false in which id will be deletingid
  • and when row is deleted then set lastdeleted to deletingid and set deletedid to deletedid + 1

benefit is you don’t need any procedure… :joy: :joy:
hope you understand this and if this helps you mark it as solution…

i will try and let you know

hi @kishore there is some change in logic.
i’m really sorry that i have made an error that time.

can you show an example?

no i don’t have any example right now just try the above logic it will work.

thank you man :star_struck: