How to highlight recyclerview item position though clock?

Hello Koder,
I’m using recyclerview for my Calendar App Project and I’m input day date by cvs list to recyclerview item.then, how can i highlight current date on the recyclerview position?

Help me

you can use if then else statement in the bindView

Please, can you send me block example? I’m tried many times…

if you provide a sample aia(strictly) , it will be easy for us to suggest you

Ok…I’m post here my aia, easily you can you understand… What i want to do…!

Pls try this, you will get suggestion

RecyclerListView.aia (82.4 KB)

Here is aia, i want to highlight the date like today is 19 mar, then 19 Recyclerlist item is highlight with colour… Thank you​:heart:

this simple block will solve your prob

Thanks :heart::heart: this is recycler list view…
Can you see and do same on my demo aia Recycler view?

Here is the reference @Still-learning

sorry… i can help only in kodular project in kodular community… Do not share Niotron projects here pls…

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