How to hilight desired tags in listview

Here is the my admin app screenshot (source @Still-learning ). Now i want to give red ccolour to my circled tags .if these tags have some value color of the tags should be red otherwise it should be green or alse

enable html and use font tag for the desired texts (for list view withimage)

or you can use dynamic component extension too

Already done it but its not working even if i remove the colors strings it shows red color or if i change the color it remains red

can you show me your blocks?

You have not used any if then else condition… Thtas why it returend red for all the texts


Actually here you must set condtion , Ie. If the select list item 5 is not empty then set color as red else green

i tried if: GetValue is not empty; than: set :colorName; else: colorName; but its not working

Its not working :sneezing_face:

you have not closed the font tag (/font)that s why it is repeating

Its not working can you plzz do something for me I’ll be grateful

Also tried this

I have tried like this

and working. My approach is different, Just see how i designed logic in list view subtitle

May i have aia plzz coz i am not familiar with dictionary and procedures :pensive:

Dont see the dictionaries… Just read the procedure… I have opend the font tag and closed properly but in your case it is not closed for where and all you have initiated…

:pensive: okay but what about getting tag list …??

show your firebase struture

Users Numbers are the project buckets

Is it comes under any project bucket? Not clear for me your struture

No they are not in any project bucket. Thaese are the project buckets

then no way, you should have to call the whole tag list first then call each value of tags

or you can run the firebase url directly in web component and you will get the result in json format