How to icon add in maps?

Is there a way to add an icon to the map, just like Uber, users can see the icon with the logo added on the map?

Yes, you can add icon to the map ( is you are using google map component ). But to do this need to get latitud and longitud of user after set markets. When user get long. and lat. used Goolgle_Maps. Add Markers to set icon on the map.

Here you can read the documentation to implement:

I hope this help you.

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Thank you very much for sharing, it is indeed helpful to me, but I will try to study first, if not, I will come back to you for help again, thank you

Kent, if you need more help you would have to tell better that you want to do.
Or to tell how you need to insert icon on the map.
I’m not magician :mage: to foresee that you need.
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Here some post about markers and custom markers

If you need more help, please post i will try to help you.

hahahaha,ok tq my friends i like u

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