How to implement marketplace transactions with in app billing system

Hello everybody.
I’m developing a mobile marketplace for hiring artists, and i want to use the function in app billing of Kodular.
Is there some way that i can create a system of transactions between Artists and Hirers??
A system that can be monetized with transactions taxes?
If someone would help, i’ll be very pleased.

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So you need to receive the money from one of your users with the in app purchases component, and transfer that money to another of your users, minus your commission, is that right?
I don’t think there’s any built in component that allows that (the transfer). You might want to try something with web or webviewer components, and make your own scripts for that.

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I’d suggest to make a website with a backoffice to process transactions. The paying could be done within the app. Sending money to your bankaccount. Sending money from your bankaccount to the artist is your part of the job. You must split the payment somehow in 2 parts: one part for the artist, one part for you.
Paying the the artist minus your fee should be done in a custom environment like a website IMHO.
Either manual or automatically.
You need to have some kind of accountancy anyway.

You can create a website with prestashop (which is free) to make transactions and link your app with the web through some web viewer.
Kodular does not have any component to manage payments.

Creating a website for transaction slund a good idea, i’ve could integrate this website with some gateway like paypal, or this integration isnt necessary??

Just thinking out loud: I’ve the customer in your app selects an artist then the payment should be done in the app as well. Redirecting to a website isn’t a good idea. In that case, make a mobile friendly website instead of an app.
I would say: selecting, booking and payment inside the app. All you wan’t is an easy to use platform to book an artist. That’s the app you build.
My guess is there is a way to implement paypal inside your app. The money is then transfered to your bankaccount. And the booking is registered on you’re websites backoffice/database.

The artist or band has to get payed. You, as an intermediate, have to log in to you’re website. Check the incoming payments and then pay the artist. Minus your fee. That’s the part you have to do as an intermediate.

You could consider making an app for the artist as well. So he/she/they can see where they need to perform, date, time, location, bring equipement, contactdetails of the festival etc.
Or make on app with different modes depending on login and userrights.

You will need a webbased database anyway. You have to get data from one device to another device. That can only be done by a webbased database.

Create a website with html will need more time than prestashop?

If you want to implement a payment system you are going to need something more than html.
Prestashop is a cms specialized in online store.
You can put payment systems such as paypal, bank transfer … You can add taxes and management fees…

Another idea would be to use the api of paypal. You can add paypal buttons using html.
Have a look at this: Smart Payment Buttons Overview - PayPal Developer
But with this you would have to set up the whole payment management system in your app…

If i use the paypal smart button, what is necessary to create a marketplace transaction system in kodular?
Do you know sources like videos and discuss on this forum that could help me developing this app in kodular?? I so, i’ll be grateful if you share with me

That webbased database can be made with firebase?
And the payment in app like tranfering to the artist discouting the fee can be made with paypal??

Sorry for the delay, little IP-issue with the forum.

I’m not a database specialist. The part for the app could be made with firebase. But that does not seem the perfect solution for your backoffice. I’d suggest a little research.

Paypal inside your app, visit their website and google for it. I can not help you out, never done that.

tem esse site ai

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