How to insert color in blocks?

i need to use a specific color from the design tab color palette for background color of floating button
as i insert this color ?

ps : I tried this way but without success
Opera Instantâ

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I think problem is in color code you have written.
As hex color codes have 6 digits after # but in your case 8.

You need to pick from colour blocks because hex color isn’t supported.

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You can convert your desired hex color code to RGB and use Make Color block.

Or you can use Color Utilities Component


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where is it ?

“Utilities” components group

but the screen design code is in octadecimal how do i go to hex?

If you want to use a custom color you must convert it, say, into an “understandable” color by App Inventor


In this case, #03fc88

Then you must copy that HEX into a text block, when you click on “Do It” you will see the HEX become an “understandable” color code by App Inventor



right here
thank so much


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