How To Integrate Google Play Code Purchase System Into Our App?

I am Creating An Gaming App Where Users Can Play Esports Tournaments. Users Can Participate In Paid Tournaments Using In-App Wallet, In Wallet Users Have To Deposit Money Using Their UPI Id. But I Want To Add An Extra Feature Where Users Can Buy Google Play Redeem Code Using The Wallet Just Like Paytm, Google Play And Amazon Pay. Is It Possible ? If It Is Then How Can We Integrate This Feature ?

Google Play Codes can be redeemed only on google play,
if you have Inapp purchases, during purchase in your app they can select reedem code and put their code

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I have a api

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Use Google Play Redeem Code API key with the web component or with any extension if made.

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Is There Any Tutorial Avaliable For This ? Where Will I Get The API Key ?

Search about it on Google / YouTube / Any other builder (MIT AI2, Niotron, etc.).
You can find the API on Google Cloud Console.

You need recharge api

Can You Provide Me ?

Dm me for information and damo for Google play redeem code api

Is It Paid Or Free To Use ?

I don’t know i only give a damo video how work api