How to keep a random generated number stored in DB for 12 hours long?

I already searched in the community, didnt find anything.

Please help me!

What have you tried so far?

Nothing, my code is a mess.

Maybe something like this:

Not working, but thanks. I think its imposible

What is not working?
Specify what exactly is to be achieved. What is the goal?

And read this.

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Ok, what I want is when I open the app I wanna get a random number stored for the next 12 hours. But everytime i open the screen the number is not the same

Exactly what I have shown you.

Apparently you didn’t use my blocks at all or didn’t use them correctly.

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Yes, I did and it did not work. Thanks anyawy, I’ll find a way

If you found your way then please share that block here too…
It will help anyone with the same problem.

Also, I’ll suggest you try at least a time before asking a question. You’ve got a lot of hints from Anke’s post #5, Then use some of your own logic then it will be easily created.

Actually people will always look for stored value but you are looking for future value to be stored ?

Try this:
randomNum_12h.apk (5.2 MB)


Thank you very much, this one gave me the idea I was looking for. I really appreciate!

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