How to keep images in the Card Viewer Extension?

There is an extension called Card Viewer, I have managed to download the data from Airtable and for the list of images I did it from Airtable but using links from Clouinary, the problem is that when I close the Card Viewer application you need Internet again to download Again the images, There is some way to keep the images in Card Viewer without the need for internet, At the moment I use the list viewer with images of the same Kodular because it saves the images and shows them in thumbnails without internet.

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You can download them on your phone and use them from there if there is no internet or you can add them as an asset. That depends on the app you make.

The last thing you said I did not understand, but the first sounds interesting. When the image is downloaded to my phone, can I replace the image list file?

You could use a list for when connected and a list for not connected.


I will do that, that convinces me.

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