How to know if the variable is divisible by a value

I have an application that the user has to click multiple times on a button, and the number of times the button is clicked gets saved in a variable!
I’d like to know how to know if this variable is divisible by a value.
For example, the user clicked 130x on the button and I would like to know if “130” is divisible by 10

If I understand you want if a number is divisible exactly by another number. Try to use modulo from math. If the return value is 0 then the division is a number without decimal places.


Usually a number with 0 at the end is able to be divided by 10 since 10 ends in a 0 just like 111 is able to be divided by 11 because, the end is a 1

That’s what you should use.

I don’t know use that

Try, the logic is simple
look, 50/10 = 5 and remainder 0
51/10 = 5 and remainder 1
the modulo blocks return the remainder, and if equals to 0, then the number is exactly divisible

Like this?

equals to zero ( 0 )