How to know Runtime error of which block specifically?

If I get a runtime error saying some “+” block cannot accept “Empty string” How do i find out, exactly which “+” block it is referring to?

Use the ‘Do it’ feature on every ‘+’ block(math block) when you are connected to companion

For more info on ‘Do it’ feature refer the fourth point here :point_down:

App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps


Yes, I know that feature. I just feel that it is a pain to do it to every block with a “+”. It is difficult navigating around block collections that are more than 4 times my screen size not to mention the lag of my laptop by doing that. Even so, I still don’t know exactly which one exactly triggered the error without me having to test them one by one using do it.
Is there an extension that allows directly pinpointing the offending block?

There is no such extension.
Can you download the blocks image and post it here?

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Maybe you can read device logs (Logcat) and know where it giving this error.

You can also add a “is empty” block from Text category (for checking if text is empty) to the places where empty string can be returned.


I see. Thank you. I will try them out.

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Thank you. Currently, it is all over the place. But I will post back, when I get around to it. Thank you.