How to load 1,000 items in listview and image without delay?

When you use list view with image then it takes some time to load images of 1000 items.

If it is only the media urls, the thousand items on the list takes just 1 second. Loading is very slow when I use Metadata to get information from the media.

Use clock components to load data.
First load 30 data on the screen, and then after user scroll the screen, load another 30 data.

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I tried that too, but the screen scrolling was getting stuck, so I gave up.

Why u need to load the 1000 itms instantly because no anyone user can see them instantly
Moreover its not data friendly. Load only when user is scrolling down step by step
Because if a user just check only first 50 elemnts then why u r using your bandwidth for loading 1000 itms for him who is just wanted to see 15 items only.

how do I load more items when the user sees the last item? That would be nice, but it is not necessary to click a button.

Yeah you can use scrol handler extension to detect whether the user has reached end of the arrangement /last item then load other items… For more soomth work u can load only 5…7 at once and then load items progesively

Where do I find this extension?

Still, I still think it will freeze when the screen is rolled.

Here is the extension [Free] ScrollArrangementHandlers - by ColinTree - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community

It depends on your logics you can also load items when he reaches item 5 of 7 so screen will not get freeze
All other things now depends on your logics so just try and what you need to do i already have provided you with some ideas too
@auranet If you find it useful then mark it as solution

I gave up on the extension, it needs the colintree listview from what I understand and I don’t intend to use it.

The question now is, is there a faster Metadata reader than the standard Kodular?

Hello you can store your least view in local device with dinedp the first time take small time after that lode fast and east without time

I didn’t understand what I meant by “dinedp”.

How can we limit the number of load data ?

how to do this?

@ezralagi you might want to try something yourself and if you get stuck, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks


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I gave up on using metadata, it makes scanning media very slow. If anyone knows how to get the metadata from the mp3 files, please tell me!

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