How to load image first In The Dynamic Image Component

I am create this app in Kodular with Dynamic Image Component. But image loading time is to slow. How I fix this. Please reply.

Where is your image coming from? How big is it? What are the blocks you are using.

You see, information is important.


From Url

Apk File–Dynamic_Components.apk (4.8 MB)
Aia File-Cardview_Dynamic_Components.aia (7.3 KB)

Please Help Me.

Async image load.

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Anyone know this solution??

I think this is created by creator 24 :kissing:

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Yea It is my YouTube channel

Can you send some pictures.

Look on the docs of kodular. There’s an example for dinamics cards with images, label, api , JSON, etc.

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Can we store catch file of our image like CardView extensions??