How to look for update, on app start?

Fill same firebase data other wise it will not work.

Sample file:

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@NICK I don’t know what you meant, but my method works for any app. :smirk:

Personal opinion, Firebase is harder for beginners, and a bit complicated to set up.]

P.S. My app uses an admin app too. :wink:

That’s possible on Makeroid without using an extension, as Screen or DeviceComponent has already a block to get VersionCode

Yes. I forgot @Diego. Sry.
@Kanishka_Developer i suggest firebase because it is more secure than the TinyWebDB. And it is not that much hard.

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Why are you giving me the tutorial? XD

I would have used VersionCode block and Firebase, if only that App was made in Makeroid. I’ll be able to optimize a hell of a lot more if I migrate.

It’s simple to understand.
When you want to send update to your users just change the older version to newer version with admin app.
Our main app will always compare current version of app and firebase value.
When values are not equal it send popup to update app.
Otherwise app will be closed.

Now… I dont want to make an extra app just for the admin so what I did was, I made an Admin Login system that is integrated with the regular Username and Password system!

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And where do you find your Firebase Token and URL

On your Firebase Console.

If you don’t wants to make an extra admin app.
You can directly change data of firebase.

It’s better to use separate app for admin.
Otherwise users will try inserting wrong user name and password which is not good.

No I have the Admin System via a " “=” " then goto Admin page… And then the Username and Password system is via TinyDB

Once more, never use TinyDB or even TinyWebDB for such confidential data. Always stick to firebase.

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It’s not confidential it’s just a Username and Password, my app doesn’t check for verification… All Profile have the same data hooked to them so they can only register a Username and Password to login not to save an special data

So you’re OK with people accessing accounts tey’re not supposed to or editing local files? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ok… The Username is used to identify you on the second screen just for the Welcome, %username% label! The password is just there. You can register any Username and Password even if it’s in the TINYDB and it’s still valid, there is not sensitive data at all, they all receive the same data with uodates!

Oh. Then it’s all good! :smile:

Ok, so…
Do you have your answer @hammerhai ?

Yes… And it all works Thanks to you, @Kanishka_Developer, & @Diego

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@hammerhai It’s been months since my post… My app was shifted to Firebase (oof the new Storage system was a pain to implement and migrate, but that’s another story).

New system:
Tag: Version
Value: 15 (or whatever your versionCode is)

If Screen1.VersionCode (in case of Makeroid) or global LocalVersion (for others (I use this at the moment) < Version (get using GetValue)
Notifier ShowChooseDialogue

The dialogue has two buttons, “”, and “UPDATE”.

After Choosing, start ActivityStarter.

If ActivityStarter Paused/Cancelled, show dialogue again.

This method, in my testing, has been unbypassable. For Max security, enable buttons only after version check.

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