How to make a "border only" Button?

Hi guys i want to make a border only Button like that :

Can someone help me ? Thanks un advence! :sweat_smile:

You can do it with this paid extension :

I don’t know any other ways for the moment


You can take look on this post. [Feature Request] Border Color for Buttons

ya also you can do this without extension.

Please How?

use arrangements.

Soft_Darsh made a tutorial to do that


By using 2 cardviews…

First Change The Screen / Arrangement Background Color Without White And Drag Any Arrangement Component And Make Background Color None And Active Is Card And Put The Clickable Label Under Arrangement

No need to this much Hard Work. Just Follow the Simple Steps…

1 take one arrangement either horizontal or vertical . Change arrangements background colour none. Also on iscard.
Then put lable or Button in that arrangements & change button or lable background colour.
Enter the text inside the button or lable & select the text colour you want…
Dont forget to change screen background colour… @ShadowDEV_fr

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