How to make a button slider like this


is this possible ?- button slider

Maybe this Guide by @Xoma can help you

Yes, saw this tutorial. But it doesnt support drag feature. We cannot drag the cardview from one corner to another…

I am sure you could implement some logic and do that , try

How do you drag an arrangement from one corner to another? I dont think its possible

Repositionning Tools extension by @Mohamed_Tamer lets you drag horizontally, vertically or in any direction inside the layout you want. Use some logic and make it work like you want.
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see @picanastudios I told you nothing is impossible , we just need to give it a try and a little bit of research

so by this extension you can register the inner card

and when inner card is dragged then it performs the function you want

edit 1: you could also do one thing if the inner card is dragged then you set the text.visible to false

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The extension is by @Mohamed_Tamer not @zainulhassan .


Ohh i’m sorry it’s because i thought it was component tools extension at first so when i checked i found out that it’s repositioning tools extension, and changed the name but forgot to change the developer’s name. I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

Oh it seems like even components tool extension is by @Mohamed_Tamer :joy: :joy:

Something like this ?

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Is it the same component being dragged are you making one invisible and the other one visible?

I’m using RepositioningTools extension by @Mohamed_Tamer


You can also make a full customize slider with the help of an imagesprite and a canvas.
In this old example I made it act as an Volumen slider. But you will get the idea. Sometimes people forget that many things are possible without any extension.

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Nice to hear that your query is solved

seriously by trying to help you and motivate you am I making fun of you

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