How to make a Fluid background color changer

This simple guide is to make the background color of the screen or a horizontal or vertical arrangement change color smoothly and progressively.

Something like this:

(Note: the image is a gif and the loop is cropped)

All you need is the clock component.

And these blocks:

The variables Red Green Blue, are the RGB values of colors … I put values of the range of blue, but you can put wider ranges, and will see more colors (01 to 255)

The block Button.Text is not necessary to put it. I put it to see if the alpha variable was changing…

The variable Alpha determines the intensity of the colors.foro
If you set it to 0, the colors reach white. If you set it to 100, it doesn’t get lighter.
The maximum is 255

Another thing you can change is the timer interval. I put it at 10, but if you want it slower, you can put it at 100, or the number you want.



nice work, Thanks


I know its been a while since this was posted but do you have an AIA file I could use? Thanks!

I don’t have the aia file. But if you copy the blocks, it should work fine