How to make a gif in makeroid

HI Everyone
Today i bring to you, one tutorial about the gif image, in this case you can stop of the gif any time that you want

The big differential, I believe, (correct me if I’m wrong) is that you can stop the gif at any time you want.

ex. you want to put a gif in a page of the page but it should stop in a certain part and disappear instead of being in a loop. with this method you can.

If there is another method that can do the same, please let me know that I will be happy to learn more with you.

1 - Convert the .gif em jpg
2 - list as starting image of 1. ex: olho-1.jpg, olho-2.jpg
3 - do as below



You should explain what the blocks do. And you call the topic a gif in makeroid. But the first thing you do is tell the users to convert a gif into a jpg. Explain also how to do that.


It just shows jpgs each after other. Its nothing special. BUT GUYS REALLY: you can just load a gif with WebView. Nothing special. I don’t even know why people are so confused with it.

Or you can use Extension: Animated Gif Clickable by Juan Antonio


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A for...each statement would be better for this use case. Also, the image prefix has to of course match your image names. In your post, you say “sky-1.jpg” but the blocks start at “olho-1.jpg”. Otherwise, useful workaround. :+1:


thanks for warning,