How to make a Homepage preview like in FB or whatsapp

Hello, I have a quesion, is itfor a homepage possible to make an pre view like in FB or whatsap. You put a www. adress in a Post in FtB and you see a small window with the preview of the homepage link. I dont know how to make that. I can use webviewer and make the design for the page so but this is not that what it is. ANd if i have a few links in a layout i cannot use a few webviewers.

There is a component called: “Google Customtabs”

Thanks but this is not that what i want or mean.
If you go to fb and you write an post and in this post yoi type in a url like, at the end of the post you see a preview from your given url.The nsame in whats app. In the chat view,

So you mean you want a stand alone component for webpages preview?

no i i mean that.

I know what you mean…
Thats why I asked If you want a new component which only shows webpages previews?

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@plang58 Most of those previews are done by processing the information available on a webpage.
Read about OpenGraph protocol:

You should be able to produce previews using this information available.
There are even web APIs available to return these info from an URL.
You can use them to get the neccessary info to show a preview.

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this feature would be nice in our chat view component to have.

Nice idea, that would be a very helpful component in the future!


thanks for that info, i will check this

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