How to make a list of Videos Files

How can i create a Variable List of Video Files That is Present in my Storage.

Upload in Asset and put names in variable.

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Topic: “How to make a list of Audio Files”


Which storage:

  • assets (internal storage)
  • PrivateDir (internal storage)
  • root dir of the external storage (incl. subdirectories?)
  • Shared folders (like /Music etc)
  • ASD


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MP3_Player2_1.aia (83.5 KB)
Try out this aia

Answer my questions.
(We have other things to do besides testing every aia posted.)


And let us know where your problems are.

sorry for the delay. I want to make a Video Player App. So I need to get All Videos File in my Storage(Internal and External(if applicable)), then i will show in the list Using RecyclerView.

Also let us know which video formats should be listed (MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, MPEG-2, ...).

all video format

In order to list all video files you must know the extensions (.mp4, .avi, …) and specify in the ListFiles method.

I know these extensions what I’m asking, how can i list them. Can u please share some blocks or anything.