How To Make A New Folder Using FTP?

Hey Guys,
As I am Using An FTP Component to send File Of Each User To My Server. I need a Separate folder for Each User But I Can not make those Folders Manually That Is why I need Your Help. I have Tried to Set working Directory to Device ID but the new folder is not made instead the file are Instead Saved On The Public_html folder which I have selected to make an FTP account on. I Need Separate Folders because the name of the folders clash and I am not able to identify it.

Did you try this block

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just make new dir using device id or anything which is unique for user at signup page
and set working directory block to this

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No That is not working. The block Is not creating a new directory

what about first connecting before trying to create the directory?

Hi Community when I Tried to make A New Folder Using A ‘Call FTP1 make Dir dir’ Block but no Folder Was Made.

show your blocks , how you are using that?

see my blocks

aia = ftp.aia (2.7 KB)

Try using complete dir by joining public_html/now your new directory
As of this is not work then just / and your new directory

@cloudstoreworks this is a duplicate post… don’t do that again… I now moved this thread into your other
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i have connected before see now then also it is not creating

Check Those blocks now there is error too.

There are No Manual For Make a dir block of FTP Component I am feeling sad about that.

Don’t use usernames just to get attention. I removed my name. Don’t do that.

ok, But Just A Request Can You just get a Manual For Ftp Compnent

you could try this:
in Screen.Initialize only use the Connect method

then in the ConnectionStatus event use the following if statement

if isConnected
then get the device id and create that directory

if this does not help then see here as workaround


@cloudstoreworks you marked my last answer as solution, so my guess is, you have been able to successfully create a remote directory now.
Please share a screenshot of the relevant blocks for this. Thank you.

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