How to make a Profile Screen? (The Profile Screen and The Registration Screen is in Separated Screen)

How? can you show the Blocks?

After filling all the details , upon clicking submit button use one tinyDB to store the name with tag. And in the profile screen set the label to get tinyDB with the same tag

You can search in community or youtube and find solution easily.

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Please , Do a search in the community. Here you can find almost all the answers. There are thousands of topics and almost all resolved. In addition to topics, there are guides.

Look :


Can you show a Blocks? I was Confused. (using Tiny DB)

Sure, I will show the tinyDB block only wait. I am in mobile, will share you shortly

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Thanks :+1:


After setting all the rules when user hits reg button, add this tinyDB block .

In which screen you wanna display the name, in that screen when screen intialise use this block. Simple


Use firebase , If you are not comfortable with TinyDb Evan TinyDb is more easy ,. Try it .

Thank You so much!

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Can you do it using the Firebase?

Yeah of course

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Can you show the Blocks please?

Do you need profile pictue too???

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Yes Please…

Didn’t you search the community?

Want effortlessly ready blocks?


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Pls Do not use harsh words.

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