How to make a "read more"

Hello everyone, this time I come to you because I would like to create a system of “read more” when a text is too long. I would like something like this:

I’ve already managed to do it this way:

But I would really like the blur effect on the text, do you have an idea? Thank you all!

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Ah, if there is an extension, I would like to thank you! I searched but couldn’t find, maybe I didn’t type the right words in the search

I deleted it because I read this and the extension does not have the BLUR effect

I found this extension quickly as I selected it in my favorites. As soon as this extension was created I saw that it would be a very useful extension.

Oh yes, thank you. Indeed, I had found this extension and there is no blur effect

Thanks anyway for your suggestion!

Try to use


Thank you for this extension. The blur effect is ultimately not what I’m looking for, it’s more of a transparency effect. I’m going to play with the opacity of the text, it should work.

On the other hand, I’m trying to make the opacity start from a certain number of characters, but I can’t. I would like that from character number 130, the opacity starts to go down and ends at 0 at character number 150. Is it possible to achieve this on one and the same label?

I’m trying to use segment blocks and the “for each number” block but I don’t understand how to put them in the “set text color” block, do you have any idea please ?

If possible you can try this extension too

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Great, thank you ! It doesn’t solve my problem to start the scenery from a specific character, but it can help me.

I thought if not to facilitate the opacity effect, it is to create a gradient which starts with the color of the text and which ends with the color of the background. It’s a bit cheating on the effect, but the visual rendering would be there.
But the same, I have to manage to start the gradient from character number 130 and end at 150

Make a two list in global variable.
In One list add the text from segment 1 to 130
In Second ,add the segmented text from 130 to 150 into as a list,

And by using for each items to the list block try to add your desired design ., May be work to you

Do you want something like this ?

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