How to make a scheduling application

How can i make a scheduling application where i can pick the date and time and on that day the user will be notified.
Need help thank youuu :slight_smile:

But what is your doubt or problem?

Do you know what you need?
Which Component did you research here in the community?

Did you do a research on schedule app?

Did You Read :point_down:?

i can use a time picker and date picker but i don’t know how to make the user be notified

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i cant find an example of scheduling app

Notification component is stiill in problem i think then how will you notify.

is there a way for me to open google calendar through the app

and use it for scheduling

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Thank you so much everyone!

So i did this, but the error shows that no corresponding activity was found.
i dont know what i did wrong

ohh i found my error, there’s a typo on the cursor

it was working , although the beginning and end time is not implemented when the calendar opens. is there a way for me to do that?

Did you get the modified activity starter extension?


i did not use the extension a while ago, i didn’t notice
But now i applied it and it’s now working, THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :slight_smile:

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Hi i just notice that when I install the apk of the project i’m doing, the google calendar is not opening , but its working when i test the project on the companion

is there a way for me to open calendar while using the apk file of my project?

i still haven’t figure out how to open the google calendar app when i use the apk file. Can someone please help me?
this is my blocks

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