How to make a scratch card?

I am try to create a scratch card.
After create my scratch card look like this

But I need to make like this

Can it create possible in kodular?
Note :- 2 app download from play store.

You are making an earning app :joy::fire:

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I also think the same :thinking:

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No. I am here to learn not to earn.
And i don’t have play console account.

Ok ok I think it is possible

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How. . . .

Tell me what exactly want to make notifier or what

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I don’t understand

Can’t understand…

What you want to create

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Sorry i can not tell you ( because i don’t know why i try to create this ).
But if you know then tell me

Hope this :point_down: snippet from @Taifun helps you

How to create a Scratchcard with App Inventor

Hope you use this for good purpose

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I already make scratch card but please see 2 video and see also the scratch card design

He want to create colorful scatch card you…

Am I right?

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yes . . . .
i went to create like this


Do you search on community first?there was already solved topic on that