How to make a simple online music player with slider and shows timing?

Thankyou @Sagar_Chaulagain1

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How to save the last position where playback is left?

I would use tinyDB.

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As you see, I asked bodymindpower, not you.

Can you share the aia?

hey @Berkat-has see this

Thank you , but i mean this

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Thank you so much it made my work much easier

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If you mean audio should be played 2 times faster or something like this, @bodymindpower may help.
How to play a sound and how to fast forward and rewind it - Guides - Kodular Community

Or if you mean forwarding or rewinding 10secs then

Tiny DB is the solution.
Save current position in tinyDB in

I get error 701 I have uploaded my audio files to github

I have followed the guide step by step, but it finally gives me an error.

Is the audio link is direct link??
It would be really helpful if you provide the aia file.

title screen: Audio1
Thanks so much.

Check your music link. This is not the direct link of music and the link doesn’t work.


Oh, its that, ok, i go to check it. Thanks @oseamiya


Nice guide :ok_hand:

I would like to know how to play music downloaded from my cellphone, no music provided by links

just add audio path @Roberto_Roman_Lazaro

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I want to ask something? do you mind if I look at the codes of your application and edit them? would you mind excusing?