How to make an arrangemet full click like card view?

how to make an arrangement full click like card view?

JUST DO IS THAT,keep img and label or any component in fill parent

and then make a click action.
pm me for helps in that

Or wait for the next update of my Component Tools extension :grin: It should have this method , but i need first to finish some other stuff:


till the time use my method an mark a solution

please do it fast for us, I’m waiting!
and do make any extension for money? actually, I have to hire an extension developer in future

what about this :point_down:t2: :point_down:t2:
Screenshot 2020-10-01 190131

yes so enable it now

that option can’t perform as full click like card view component

I Think it is impossible to change but You Can Change Properties Of Card View To make Like
An Arrangement

Zero Pading
Zero Corner Radius
Zero Elevation


In need just to update an extension first :wink:

Actually , i develop extensions , but not for money :thinking:

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so that’s mean you will make a free extension for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
so how many can i order ?

As i said, i’m busy now with updating an extension, but you can pm me, and i can see what can i do :wink:

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using what i said also can be implemented

well i was first one to answer

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I till looking for a solution, but I yet not found

pls elaborate more about screen

well i opened kodular and i saw u can make an arrangement clickable so pls check before creating a topic

I think he means :sweat_smile:

And not


clickable and full clickable are not the same thing