How to make application launch count

Because when i minimize the screen 3 by swipe left/right, then open back the app will head to screen 1 if this is the first time i install app and open. But i dont want faced the problem in the first time, thats why asking about app launch count, bcs i want to make if this is the first launch then will close application and open back else nothing happen.

Given some suggestion, if you guys have any idea. Thank you in advance!

Use tinydb for this


Use TinyDB, When “screen initialize” → “Get Value” and “Vallue if tag is not there” =0

Alright thanks

OK, noted.

Question agin, how to restart the application when this is first time launch app.

Target in the true place

If it is first run (I MENA in true place just add
Open another screen (do close screen and open screen1)

Even it work but still problem, because when this is the first i login to the app then switch to screen 2 and i press the button where with the block “Move Task To Back” in screen 2, then it go back to phone interface, but the problem is when launch back the app will go to screen 1 instead of screen 2…

Post a screenshot of your blocks and make sure you are switching screens correctly

Here is the first screen:

And this is second:

Here the aia file
checkfirstrun1.aia (3.5 KB)

So the problem is first time install and use the app, will happen like we can get inside the second screen but when move task to back and back to the app will start in first screen

Could you elaborate a bit more.

What is your main goal?

Now you have the solution to check if user has already run the app or not.
But this block in screen2, what is the purpose of this? The app just minimizes, and when you open the app again it comes back to screen2 as it should do since you only minimized it when Screen2 was open.

Look this is my problem :smiling_face_with_tear:

Please guide me how to solve the first time launch.TQ

Share your blocks

Here you are:-
First screen(Block):

Second screen(Block):

Here’s the aia file:
checkfirstrun.aia (3.6 KB)

Hello guys, any suggestion?

test this

checkfirstrun(2).aia (4.2 KB)

Alright, let me try

Even but problem on closing app now…