How to make auto dynamic image slider (datas from airtable)

How can i make dynamic image slider which extract image data from airtable and auto slide those images. I have used method of Dynamic Card View and Dynamic Image but it doesnt slide auto. Please Help.
I have also included apk file of mine in which i have used dynamic cardview and dynamic image.OseaTV (1).apk (6.2 MB)

Import Scroll Handler Extension.

Register the HSA in which you made the Image Slider.

Use A Clock

Set it’s Interval to After How Many Seconds you want Image to Slide.

In Clock Event Set Blocks Like -

Set Horizontal Scroll Arrangement Scroll Position to = Current Scroll Position + Screen Width.

Roughly It Will Work.


Use these blocks.

Here global name is the global variable for storing image urls.

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Where are current position and screen width??

Your Screen Name Is home

Click On home From The Left Side In That You Will Get home width

Use This Extension

And In Properties Of This Extension Available On Designer Screen There Will Be 3 CheckBoxes - UnCheck Them.

In Clock Event Blocks Will Be Like -
Smooth Scroll To
px = Scroll Position + Screen Width

My Problem is like that :frowning:

I still got problem :frowning: . I have included aia file here. Can you please fix it :cry:OseaTV.aia (827.9 KB)

Please fix it …

OseaTV.aia (810.1 KB)

You Were Registering HSA With One Scroll Handler Extension And Was Using Other.

Thankyou :heart::heart: Rajji bless you :blush::blush:.Now I Can Close This Topic :blush::blush::blush:

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