How to make CardViews scrolling only manually?

I want the side by side card views to scroll only by hand

I used it but couldn’t do what I wanted and I looked at this but image

I read a lot of posts in the community but couldn’t find anything useful for me

In short how to do this:

and either

Please explain to me clearly and in detail, Thank you

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To solve this problem you should have ask to beta koder or pro koder… On kodular…

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I can’t understand what you mean

Is this a problem?

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Everyone posts questions here so that their problem can be solved.
I agree ProKoders are experienced but doesnt mean that only they are here to solve problems.

This is a community, anyone with a valid answer can give their solution.
If ProKoders are have the anwer, they will surely help you!


I didn’t know there was a different community with pro coders so I asked here. I hope I did nothing wrong

And I still haven’t found a solution to my question

I do not know how to do it

How to ask questions to pro coders?

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The above statement of yours is Entirely False. In community, questions are asked generally to all and anyone willing can answer that question if he/she knows the answer. There is no rule to ask a particular user or particular group.
So avoid making such statements/reply

And @MeNaCa
You can search the community to see if there is any similar query answered before. One such guide is :point_down:

You can get an idea from above linked guide. Then you need to adjust it according to your needs. There may be other such topic, but you just need to search.


I wish I had the AIA file in this example. I dragged the blocks into my block editor but it didn’t work.
It caught my attention, Thanks

This will help you ;

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The best way to learn here is to manually drag-drop every block and understand it’s function or why it is used in that place.
There is no gain in just loading a pre-made aia without understanding the concept.

If you still want the aia then you can go with @ramrajput200021’s reply :slight_smile:

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First Card View don’t have image property. But you can insert a image or button inside of Card View and set the image.
Easy way for me is use only button an set the image ( if i need the image with round corners I edit the image ).
Not only can you search the community for the solution, you can also take a little time and read the documentation. I’ve been testing what you want to do (trial and error) is the best way to learn to use the components and their configurations.

How make you need
Config the Screen hide Show Options Menu and Show Status Bar
Insert Horizontal Scroll Arrangement (HSA) set Width to Fill Parent
Insert inside HSA all button/image you need and set Width and
Height of each button/image

Here a example of video 2

And result:

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