How To Make Install Count System....? Help Me

Hello… Developers :pray::pray::pray:

I am promoting other apps in my app …

And I have created a system like native ads to promote the app …

And when the user clicks on these ads, the playstore is redirected …

And I want that if a user clicks on these ads and goes to playstore and installs that app, it should be counted, and if he just goes to playstore but doesn’t install the app, then it shouldn’t be counted …

So this system will know how many installs have come through your app …:blush::blush:

So please give me an idea that this will be possible …?

You Can Search It By It’s Package Name In This Case This Block Will Help You


You Can Add Each Promoted Apps Package Name And Detect That Is This App Available From Given Package Name After Clicked On Install If Return True Than Perform You Installed Apps From Your User Action



Ok thanks… I will try :pray::pray:

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