How to make list view on notifier

Hi guy!
I have been having a little challenge with making a list view on my notifier text, i was wondering if it’s actually possible, is there a way to do that? if there is, i would love to see a block sample, also how can i make a link on the notification, like a link that will automatically direct someone to gmail

Something like this?

can i see your blocks?

Thanks, your very smart:+1:

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Is it actually possible that if i minimize my screen, i make the content invisible, like when it takes maybe two-third of the screen, no content from the screen shows?

Make full screen true

can i see a screenshot of what you mean? still don’t know where to do that. Thanks.

The blocks which proved by Asim , you can at the end an option name full screen which is currently false, make it true and it will become full screen and overlap other arrangements

Thanks, let me give it a try.

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Will this as well work even though the notifier message is no longer active?

In app this will work very well, you can try how its working

Hi Asim! everything is working perfectly except that when i click on the link to my email, there is no response. What could be wrong?

Hi! imran, I just tried it, and it’s not working. What i actually want is, when the app is minimized on your android, you can’t see the last content before minimizing, displayed. Which is normally the case.

In notifier message email link is not working yet

On app minimize all app functions paused, so we cant do anything when app paused made by kodular

I See:thinking:

Hi @lanrejosh7, Here is your solution…

Codes: <a href="" onclick="'', '_system'); return false;">Go to Google</a>
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wiil this work for email link?

Hi, @samiu8336, actually we can do it! :slightly_smiling_face:

@lanrejosh7 , the previous codes will not work to send e-mail … Use below codes to send mail…

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