How to make One Way messaging system between Two Apps through Airtable with ChatView?

Hello everyone.

I have created TWO apps:

  1. Parents App with a Notification Message Screen.
  2. Admin App for sending that Notification Message to the parents.

This is the Admin (Sender) App “Send Message” Screen:

These are the blocks of the screen:

Now we come over to the Parents’ (Receiver) App Notification Screen:

Here are its blocks:

This thing is not working, please let me know if I have made some mistake in the blocks.

P.S. Both apps are different. And I am also looking for sending a Push Notification across two apps (From Admin App to Parent App).

Please help.


I strongly recommend you to use firebase for messaging. Because you are creating new row for every message and airtable gives 1200 row for free plan users. For 5000 row you must give 10 dollars or invite 1 friend. I think you should use firebase

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can you please show me how?

I only want one way messaging in the Admin App.
I dont want the parents to chat after they see the message. Can you please help me with the blocks?

  1. The messages are getting sent from the Admin App but are not being received in the Parents App

Dont use textbox and send buttons. Only receive messages. You dont need block for receiving.

Chat (1).aia (124.8 KB)

here is aia file. I disabled sending blocks and set send arrangement’s visibility to false

The Sender’s App and the Receivers’ App are two different apps.
Would it work like sending a message from one App (named Admin App) to another app (named Parents App)?

I think yes. When data change block will help you. You can see same block in aia sent by me

which blocks do i use to -

  1. Send message through one app
  2. Receive message on another app

Here are blocks for send messages through one app(admin app)

blocks (20)
blocks (21)

And here are blocks for receive messages through one app(user app)

blocks (22)
blocks (23)


It did not work… :sweat:

I tried the exact same blocks as you gave above…

And I got nothing on the Receiver App, even though I used same three Firebase DB with same values as you told.

May I send the AIA files?

yes, send me aia file please