How to make Redeem system/ Coupon system

How to make Redeem system/ Coupon system

Please , Read :point_down:
but read calmly…

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You could try using Airtable

Okay let me try to put things:

  1. You will need a backend database which can be either firebase, airtable, mysql hosted on custom server.
  2. Your database will have entries for eligible coupon codes and their eligibility condition like how many times a single coupon can be applied per user, what is the date when coupon will be effective and what is the last date upto which coupon can be redeemed.
  3. Once coupon is redeemed per user, make a note of it and take further action on user account like to give him some discount or increase his membership level etc.

As you do things, you will have better understanding and will be able to ask particular question.

Good luck with your project.

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Can You show me blocks

Please try for yourself. You have been told what to do, search the forum for further information and do something.

If You are using Firebase DB Use Firebase Bucket Name As It Coupen code

If (tag = coupen text){
get coupen val + 01

something Like This :slight_smile:

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Our forum will help if you struck at anywhere… but we cannot build apps/blocks for your ideas… just think of your ideas and draw a layout , and convert it into blocks. Simple

Generate coupon code(alphanumeric) by using some extension, already available

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Complementing the answers above

See that’s where the problem is, you are looking for readymade solution to your problem. You have two options, either spend some time on reading posts on the forum, watch tutorial videos to be able to do it yourself or hire someone and instruct them what you want and they can do it for you. I will be happy to do this for a fee


There are no ready-made blocks for this…
It’s not like “blinking your eyes”.
You have to make an effort or hire a developer.