How to make setting screen?

How to make setting screen like font size, light & dark theme etc…?
And want to imminently refresh components proprty by save setting…
How to do that???

What have you tried? so we could help you from there

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Currently i dont have try anything rightnow

It is a nice practice to try first

Well, you can use tinydb to store the settings
If you face any problem then ask the community :relaxed:

Like you can make a list of all settings
And save the tinydb with tag settings and value with the list

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Properties change value: textbox1.fontsize = value Value is a variable, right? And where to store that value permanently? Local database on the user’s smartphone. Create your variables in the blocks and create tags or fields in your local database. Make the blocks of the configuration screen. Make these variables take the value from the database. Let the user change these values. Change the properties with these new values. Record these values ​​in your database.

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