How to make Slider App On Makeroid

(Apna Hits) #1

please anyone help…how to create Tab slider in makeroid Please give any youtube videos url

(David Ningthoujam) #2

(Indra) #3

Your link is to create Vertical Side Menu, not Tab Slider (I think what @Apna_Hits mean is horizontal slide menu like whatsapp)

(David Ningthoujam) #4

check his topic. he did not mention

(Indra) #5

You might be right…

(walya_express) #6

Visit WaLya Express YouTube channel . If you want to make tab swipe like WhatsApp then you should visit WaLya Express YouTube channel . I already made a tutorial video on this swipe screen like WhatsApp

(Apna Hits) #7

yes like whatsapp


Why not post a link?

(walya_express) #9

Watch this …if you want to create swipe screen

(Apna Hits) #10

walya Express I Watch Your Video But Problem is that Not Swipe Properly.

(walya_express) #11

Watch this …