How to make some component appear just once

Hi Guys!!!
So am having a slight challenge as regarding something very important that am trying to achieve. I did an app such that if a user inputs a particular number, on a text box interface, the text box interface, and other component should never show again even when you open the app the second time… the button1, button 2 also include.

    only a particular horizontal arrangement component should show....But it's been tough getting it to work

My blocks;

To save the data in tiny DB, use something like a text, eg, when this button click, call tinyDb to save 2 with a tag of isthefirstrun2,

Now when screen initialize, check if tingDb value with the tag isthefirstrun2 = ‘2’, if yes then hide the arrangements you want to hide

Sorry are you Nigerian @ice

What you did it correct, when the screen initialise you are properly checking , but in the if else statement you failed to add blocks. You add i.e, if the first run value not a false(mean true or any other) add blocks to hide the hide the component and try once again…

@Still-learning don’t understand what you just typed, can you break it down


You change according to this

Yes I am from Nigeria

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