How to make this type of runnable progress bar i know that extension but i want to know how to make this runnable effect

i tried but i m trying again after delay 5 secnd

Use a smaller delay, 5 second is too much

ok i m trying

use 200ms 300ms

please see this where is mistake problem not solved

Instead directly putting the value of ring percent do in this way
(only a representation of blocks, use the same blocks you were using earlier but with this logic)

see this but not solved

hello please kuchh bolo {something tell }


Sorry, i was having my lunch

but i want to stop this progress by a specific value how to do this

Questions are not asked in the title of a topic but in the first post. Please next time keep that in mind else i have to unlist your question.

Add a condition,
if ringpercent >= (say)70
clock1.enabled = false

but here we can not fix any value bcz this part is scoreboard

After a quiz a score will be given?
If yes then store it in a variable, calculate the percentage
Example: I scored 150/200
so percentage will be (150/200)*100 = 75%
So stop the clock at this percentage

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where is problem why not stop progress bar

Put the condition in the clock2.timer evnt

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