How to make WhatsApp status like app?

Hi everyone
I need to ask one thing that how can I make this type of arrangement in kodular app inventor !

Is there kodular community members on holiday ?
Or I had asked wrong question ? :wink:

Please note that community members are here voluntarily. Your now deleted comment is unhelpful and even slightly offensive. Nobody here is your slave so don’t act like people owe you something.

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I think you had misunderstood my post ,
Actually I am asking it in frankly language ,

I always think that kodular community is like a family , an elder one could guide younger and then younger one guide to future generations !

If else you had my words wrong then I apologise to you that from now I will always remember before posting my opinion :pray:

Again Sorry for inconvenience !

Atlast I find the solution
Just use this extension with linear progressbar and the video player .

When video time update event active , then use block set property from dynamic extension .

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