How to make when login succes, username 1 to screen 1 and username 2 goes to screen 2

What do you mean with Username1 and Username2? If you have multiple accounts types like “Customer”, “Admin” just check the account type with an If statement and redirect the user to the desired screen

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I didn’t create a level like admin or something else, I just made a login for the user. and I have created user accounts with names user1, user2 and others. and I want to make every user when login is successful then go to different screen like user1 to screen1, user 2 goes to screen2 and others

If 20 users or more mean, do u want to create that much screens?

Hint just use logic block

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You don’t need different screens for different user. After login you have to retrieve informations about that user and save or show them in your app. User will see data only about themselves.
Test the got response from web component and manage data to show 1- login success 2-login error
In the first case you have to got account informations to use them in your app .
Probably you will need a storage structure

no, i just make 3 user for 3 different screen. do you have any sample blocks?

Eager to help. But in web got got text block you have used this one? What is this? Is this three username