How to make withdraw history in airtable

How to make withdraw history with processing or payment done functions


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Creating an online passbook
Like the way you can see your transaction history in UPI payment apps.

How can we make an online passbook ??

Some starts -

  • Secured place to store transaction history.
  • A List View or a customised arrangement to show amount, receiver, sender, time, mode (bank, credit card, upi).

I am not sure about laws, you’ll have to check them.

Show us what you have tried.

very easy to create… Where are you storing the history of transactions, firebase or google sheet or sql?

there by we could help you further. You can show the passbook in two ways… one by list method another by dynamic component method… (recom)

I Am Storing Data in Google Firebase.

no issue. Have you tried anything so far? if so, share with us… we will correct if any error found…

Or if you show the model of firebase structure we will assist you