How to minimize app on a button click

Please help me I want to make user out of my app like when he presses the button background then I want to play audio in background by auto minimizing app.
Note : I am beginner, I am sorry If it is a easy one…

No, It works when i press home my audio plays so i just want that how can i go home with activity starter or any other method when user presses Background button. :sweat_smile:

Please tell me how to do that :wave:

Ultra Thanks my friend, :grinning: :sweat_smile: :grinning:

Hey but I want to do that without Accessibility Permission, If there is any way like activity starter or any other way… :cry:

WOW!, It worked SUPER ULTRA PRO THANKS to @yashaggarwal376 I was searching from 2 weeks and finally raised a topic, THANKS Again…

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