How to open a link using Google Sheet in webview

I want help please
I added GoogleSheet.aix and I also added Google_Spreadsheet_Extension_V2_wu9opu-1
I switched between them and I can’t open the link
Blocks may be used incorrectly
Knowing that I have a way to open a link through Airtable
I don’t want to replace this with Google Sheet
Note that the link is in the first column and first row

Extensions removed by Mod

Only the developer can upload an extension - instead use a link to developer’s topic or site

Sorry, I don’t know the rules
I just wanted people to know what I used

I remember you, you helped me open a link via airtable
I want such an idea and don’t be via Google Sheet

Using [Free] Advance Google Sheet Extension with Filter and Query try to set row to 0

But I want to open this link directly on the webview

you passed
I thank you very
I got the idea and replaced the label with webview

Thank you very much, got the idea
I opened the link directly on the webview