How to open another app

u said web viewer is working so no issue right also
activity starter is working as

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@Kidular_user your marked solution is not matching with your topic so I have unmarked the solution

no i found we are just giving url it might ask where like chrome or youtube to open or never open show some time error on some mobile instead try this
blocks (4)

blocks (5)

it is the right method i think


@Kidular_user You can use webviewer also to open YouTube in app instead of Activity Starter.

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I ask home url of youTube open in any arrangement

Just see if it works!

u can do that by blocks (6)
blocks (4)

or webviewer

blocks (8)

also u can use youtube player like
blocks (8)

the 32 here means the unwanted part is 32 letters

Your segment text block is wrong.
Have you tried it will cause a error
Length parameter does not mean text lenght it mean how much length of text you want to get

Segment block’s Start+lenght should not greater than the text length

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Do you know we can do this with only android.intent.action.VIEW and URL to open YouTube and user redirect to particular video or channel

sorry i thought it is start and end

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sorry i din’t delete but
i posted another

if we gave url by default many mobile open but for first time it ask chrome or youtube to open as we dint mention youtube it thinks it is just a url not youtube video the best way is

Thank you @electrobot_appy

I also done this in my app now I think I have should follow your idea :smile_cat:

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By this method you can run youtube automatically when URL is video URL.
My Blocks
blocks (1)
Use This Component to open youtube directly

App Screenshots:

Apk:WebviewTest.apk (5.2 MB)

Aia: WebviewTest.aia (2.4 KB)


thats what I said but u can set home screen to you tube so no need to check if it’s YouTube or other websites

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It’s just an detail example to @Kidular_user.


How do I open a download folder like the video?

This is not related to this topic, Ask it from community and delete it from here.

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