How to open different screens

Heloo friends am trying to navigate this app but has some slight issues like for instance a job app how can i put it in a way that if a person registering as a job seeker does not open the screen of the person hiring and vice versa when logging ins
2. how can i update specific user details on airtable for example users phone mumber or name or location
kindly advice accordingly thanks in advance.

Your solutions -

  1. You could add an column in Airtable i.e. seeker / hirer and the user could be a seeker or hirer
  2. use this block -

for more info visit -

thanks lemi give it a try so do u have any idea on how to place the row number for example i have 100 user and ten may want to change their details at different intervals

you could make a variable i.e. user id which will be the row no.

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